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The Heidi B Show

Dec 9, 2021

The Balance and Flow of Feng Shui

with Kate MacKinnon

During the early months of quarantine some of us were suddenly working from home on dining tables, couches, in our bedrooms, corners of the house, garages, and even closets and cars.  We experienced a new relationship with our home environment and how we inhabited it.  Some of us rearranged, repurposed, or completely renovated our spaces to meet our sudden and new needs.  As we looked at our spaces we may have noticed areas we didn’t use, enter as much, or may have even avoided.  There may be spaces that feel heavy or off-balance when we are in them.  Now, some of us continue to work from home or some hybrid of in-person and at-home work and could use some guidance around how to harmoniously integrate our needs.  According to Feng Shui principles and expert Kate MacKinnon, there are adjustments we can make to allow balance and flow into our ‘new’ spaces to create a harmony of peace, productivity and joy in our homes.  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

Be inspired by Kate’s journey to the highest levels of the corporate world in the earlier years of technology in business.  
Hear how Kate balanced her talents and interests in art and design with her corporate career in technology.  
Discover the practical power of Feng Shui and how we can make adjustments to our environment to increase abundance and energy externally and internally.

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Episode Highlights

It Was Clear Early On…

Kate was always an artist, did well in school, and had a lot of interests.
Her childhood dream was to become an interior designer. At age 7, she daydreamed of rearranging people’s homes and buying furniture for her best friend’s dollhouse.
In her elementary and high school years she was always doing art.
Her parents' advice was to pursue ‘a real career and do art on the side’.  
The 70s

Kate majored in Psychology and minored in Studio Art.
Deeply influenced by the feminist movement and the women she admired.
She moved to New York City and her first job was at Barnard College where she learned how to operate a word processor the size of a dining room table.  She loved it and likened it to 3-D art as she merged texts and files.
“Everything I learned about technology, I learned from that word processor”.
“My Life is Filled with People Who Mentored Me”

Kate was freelanced as a graphic artist and word processor operator.
At a temp job, a woman saw her talent and mentored her.  She gave her opportunities to learn how to fix computers, make decisions, and teach people how to use computers.
The company hired Kate as a business systems analyst which is the underlying thread to her entire career in technology.
Following Her Intuition

Though technology in business was not widespread, Kate followed her intuition and left graphic design to focus on systems.
After 6 years at this job, Kate’s mentor suggested she look into banking, “banks are hiring people like you…I encourage you to find a job in technology”.
Kate acknowledges that her mentor saw an aptitude in her that even she did not fully recognize.  
A Corporate Woman in Technology… in the 90s

Kate never accepted assistant positions that were offered because she could operate a word processor. She had an MBA and was determined not to settle.
In 1999, Chase Bank hired her.  She was promoted along the way and found great success at Chase. 
Five years into her work at Chase, she felt unfulfilled in her creative and spiritual self.  At the time she was working in training and development.
Leap Into Entrepreneurship

Kate had worked with many consultants in her work at Chase.  She thought, “maybe I’ll go and be a consultant”.
“I was 40, and I thought if I was going to go off and be on my own, now is a good time.  If I fail, I can always come back and get a job.”
Kate held the faith that work would come.  Two days after she left her job, she was hired for a 7 month job. There the woman who hired her helped her launch her career in training and development.
“Art on the side”

She was hired for a big Y2K project by Chase for which she would travel to Hong Kong. 
One of her coaches at the time introduced her to Feng Shui. 
While working on the project in Hong Kong she took a bus tour and saw Hong Kong through the lens of Feng Shui.  The experience made a massive impact and connection for Kate.  
She loved how Feng Shui touched all the different interests and talents she had.
When she returned in 2000, she studied Feng Shui under the Holiness Grand Master Professor Lin Yun who brought the BTB Feng Shui school to the west . 
As she grew her consulting company, she had a studio to do her work and study Feng Shui.
Banker by Day, Feng Shui by Night

In 2005, Kate took a job at Chase as she felt the economy changing.  Gratefully, she had a ‘safe’ job as the 2008 financial crisis hit.
She practiced and consulted on Feng Shui on the side.
In both realms of her work, she brings the spiritual to the concrete. 
What is Feng Shui?

It is an ancient Chinese art and science of placement used to create harmony and the balance and flow of positive energy in your environment.
The words literally mean ‘wind water’ which are the two most basic elements of life.
Feng Shui supports your life energy, or Qi.
Five or six thousand years ago, it was originally used to identify land for farms or homes. It was used to find land that had good water, soil, food source, and protection. 
How Feng Shui Supports Us

Many clients go to Kate when they feel stuck or are unsure of what to do with their environments.
Using Feng Shui principles, Kate considers the energy of the person or people and the energy of the space and property.
Our homes are a mirror of our inner self.  It’s like a map and if things are making us feel uncomfortable or blocked in our environment, when the external is adjusted, the internal is adjusted as well.
Tips for Working at Home

Don’t set up the work space in the bedroom. 
Position the desk with your back toward a wall to feel energetically supported.
Face yourself toward the door, but not in front of it.
Have a good chair.  The support is important.
Clutter is the number one offender of Feng Shui.  Start and end your day with a clear desk.  Bring out one thing you’re working on at a time.  
At the end of a day, close the door to the work space if possible.
Kate’s Daily Non Negotiables

About Kate

Kate MacKinnon is a certified Feng Shui practitioner who has consulted in Feng Shui for businesses and individuals for over 20 years.  Before becoming a Feng Shui expert, she worked in the corporate world as a Vice President for JPMorgan Chase & Co. and founded her management technology consulting company. 

Kate taught the first online Feng Shui course for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a workshop for the Hospital for Special Surgery and Global Real Estate Women’s Group at JPMorgan Chase.  She has written articles on Feng Shui and been a guest and interviewed by thought leaders on Speaking, Life Transitions, and Women Empowerment.  Kate’s inspiring talk on Women, Aging, and Visibility can be found on 

Kate’s mission is to use the power and wisdom of Feng Shui to illuminate and inspire women to step into their power and greatness and live a life of beauty, grace, dignity, and Abundance and make a difference in the world.  

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