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The Heidi B Show

Dec 2, 2021

Style Your Higher Self with Dulce Badillo 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

Be inspired by Dulce’s passion to support women who want to reflect their inner power outward through style and energy work. 

Hear about Dulce’s journey from styling her sisters and mom to working in the fashion industry, to taking the leap into entrepreneurship. 

Discover how you can elevate your style with a few easy tips. 


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Episode Highlights 

Obsessed with Guess 

As a young person, Dulce was obsessed with fashion and covered her walls the iconic black and white Guess ads from the 90s. 

She was the makeup artist and stylist to her three sisters and mother as well as friends and other family members. 

Paving Her Own Way 

After receiving her degree in Psychology, Dulce followed her passion and worked in retail fashion for 15 years.  She loved the work and all the perks.  

She wanted to go to the next level and chose to marry her expertise in psychology and fashion with her own personal work around energy and become an energy and style coach. 


“I’m not here to just put a pretty outfit together. I want to make an impact energetically while I’m styling you and while we’re working together.” 


Style and Energy  

Dulce is able to tune into a client’s energy and/or the energy they want to step into.  She helps them choose clothes that align with and bring forth that energy. 

She also does closet clearing to support clients in clearing the energy that no longer serves them to make space for their next level or new energy.  

We can communicate and emanate our energy through the style and clothes we choose.  Our style and clothes can also embolden us to step into our power.   

Dulce cherishes the transformative moments of seeing her clients step into a higher version of themselves they may not have found as easily by continuing their old style.   


“A lot of them have already stepped into that person but they’re still wearing the clothes that they were before they leveled up.” 


The big transformation happens when the client shifts into wanting it for themselves.   

The Virtual Closet Clearing Experience 

During a three hour process, Dulce takes the time to understand her client’s energy and how they want to show up in their life, business, social media, etc. 

She walks them through their clothing and assesses what they need and don’t need while advising and coaching on style and energy throughout. 

High Impact Styling 

In Dulce’s three and six month programs, she walks her clients through the process of moving into their Higher Selves through their fashion. 

She helps them build their pieces and outfits to align with their current energy and shed the clothes that may keep them stuck.  

The six month program is well-suited for those who own businesses, travel a lot, CEOs, speakers, lawyers, doctors, etc. who need outfits all the time but don’t have time   to style themselves. 

Everyone Has Style  

One of the most common blocks Dulce observes is that we think we don't really have our own personal style. 


“Everybody does have style, they just haven’t tapped into it, yet, because they get the same things over and over… the same colors and styles… It takes someone coming in with a different set of eyes to see what colors go well, what is best for their body shape, what actually fits them.” 

“That’s what stylists do, they come in with new eyes and get you out of your comfort zone.” 


Expert Style Advice 

Accessories go a looooooong way.  They add a little ‘extra’, polish, and make an outfit look put together. 

Invest in a nice pair of denim.  It is extremely versatile and makes an impact with whatever it’s worn with.  Make sure it’s up to date and modern.   

A suiting and/or leather jacket in your wardrobe is essential. 

Style Your Highest Self with Dulce Badillo 

Dulce saw the need to have conversations about how we show up in the world, the energy we are in, and to tie the two together. 

“Anyone can wear cute clothes, anyone can look good.  But (it's a different level) when you are in a certain energy, owning that energy, and you are clear, focussed and aligned.” 


“When people come up to you and compliment you on your outfit, they are also complimenting you on your energy. They are feeling safe enough to come up and say to you ‘oh my gosh I love your outfit’ because your energy is on.” 


We dissect how we put ourselves together and how we show up in the world. 

We talk about owning our energy and letting that come through in our fashion and taking it to the next level.   


“I want people to understand that how we show up in our businesses or online really makes an impact” 


How Dulce Nurtures Her Highest Self 


“I have built really strong boundaries around time with myself.  I promised myself I would not overwork myself and become stressed out in my business” 


Styling as many people as she can is not her goal.  Dulce is focussed on making a meaningful impact with those she does style.  

Taking time to check in with herself, eat healthy, meditate, work out, etc, are priorities so she can show up 100% for her clients.  


“I’m busy but sometimes (that means) I’m busy working on myself.” 



About Dulce 

Dulce has always expressed herself through fashion and style.  It came naturally to her as she was the stylist and makeup artist to her three sisters and mother.  Dulce was obsessed with fashion and went on to get her psychology degree. After graduating, she spent 15 years in the fashion industry then made the leap to start her own business.  She integrated psychology, fashion, and her own personal energy work to become an energy and style coach and host her podcast, Styling Your Highest Self.  She also styles onset photoshoots and events while offering more personal, one-on-one coaching with closet clearings and three or six month programs.  Dulce continues to style and do make-up for her sisters and mother… and now they pay her!   

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