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The Heidi B Show

Oct 7, 2021

Simplifying Nutrition with Gillean Barkyoumb

With all the things we balance on our plates, trying to plan for, shop, and make nutritious food can be one of the things that fall off easily.  Even those of us who love cooking and enjoy creating healthy dishes often reach for convenience because it’s been one of those days.  Some of us are stuck in a rut with the same shopping lists and the same recipes because we don’t have the time to look for new inspiration or plan meals in advance.  And, of course, the meals have to be healthy while also making every palette at the table happy, too!  Gillean Barkyoumb is a dietician and the founder of Millenial Nutrition and the What’s for Dinner Club.  She has also partnered with a brand to support her mission helping healthy women find freedom and relief by making healthy eating convenient and simple. 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn a few tips and formulas to simplify creating a balanced meal or snack on the fly.  
  2. Hear Gillean’s journey from being a dietician in the corporate world to being an entrepreneurial dietician with a brand partnership.  
  3. Be inspired by how Gillean used her social media platform to land her first brand partnership.  Also, hear her secrets on creating beautiful, fun, and relatable content every week.  


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Episode Highlights:

Early Inspiration

  • In the eighth grade, Gillean saw the impactful documentary Supersize Me.
  • As a highschool athlete, she saw that certain foods fueled better performance or better time.
  • She made the connection that paying attention to how different foods affect us encourages better performance in our life and relationships. 

From Corporate Dietician to Entrepreneurial Dietician

  • After receiving her Master’s Degree in Nutrition, Gillean jumped into a corporate role that she loved and gave her many TV opportunities and to speak on stage. 
  • She loved her corporate dietician job as well as the stability and predictability it seemed to offer.
  • Gillean left her corporate position after her eighth year and after having her second daughter.
  • When she took the leap into entrepreneurship, she chose to take on a consulting opportunity to support the transition.

The Question “What’s For Dinner?” is a Pain Point for So Many

  • Even as a dietician, Gillean struggles with this!  Figuring out dinner, shopping, planning, preparing, and making sure it’s healthy took hours and hours.  Making it simple and convenient was a need she had.
  • We want to do it all and have beautiful friendships, a spiritual life, good dinners, time for yoga, family life, and pursue our dreams.  Gillean’s goal is to take nutrition off our to-do list.

The What’s For Dinner Club and Membership

  • It makes nutrition simple and convenient.
  • Every Thursday, Gillean texts 4 ‘non-recipe’ recipes in the form of a grocery list.
  • There are minimal measurements, ideas to swap ingredients to suit your taste, and Gillean builds recipes to use the same ingredients to reduce wasting food or spending too much. 
  • Each recipe is simple but always has a bit of pizazz so it doesn’t feel like we’re eating the same thing over and over.  Nothing over the top though!
  • Each recipe is comes with a kid-friendly alternative and kid-tested by her best critics (her two and four year old daughters!)
  • There are fun giveaways and loyalty prizes!
  • Some recent crowd faves are the pasta bakes and the sweet potato beef tacos!

Gillean’s Tips to Simplify Healthy Eating

  • Stick to a general eating schedule or routine.  Gillean always has breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and keeps mid morning and mid afternoon snacks optional according to how her body feels.  This eliminates decision fatigue and trying to make a choice while hangry.
  • Automate grocery shopping with delivery or pick up!  Instacart or any grocery delivery service streamlines the search, is a massive timesaver, and nearly always delivers good quality.
  • Gillean’s dinner formula simplifies building a healthy plate a food = veggies on half the plate + protein on a quarter + starch or grain on a quarter.
  • Her snack formula = fruit or veggie + protein or healthy fat (her snack formula posts are some of her most viewed) .  The protein or healthy fat will keep you satisfied longer.

Brand Partnership with Ninja Kitchen, the Ninja Foodi Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor

  • Recently wrapped up her first contract with Ninja Kitchen Brand and starting her second one!
  • A while back two separate friends sent her articles of Ninja Kitchen seeking their first ever Smoothie Sommelier.
  • She submitted 2 smoothie bowl recipes, a video in which she did a smoothie tasting like a formal wine tasting.  She offered observations on the ‘legs’, ‘bouquet’, color, etc of the smoothie bowl.  
  • The brilliant part of her submission that Ninja said sealed the deal was that she created an IG profile called Gillean Smoothie Bowl Sommelier in which each post featured the items she would have on a resume (inspired by Lindsey Shwartz, founder of the Powerhouse Women event)

Creating Fun, Relatable, and Beautiful Content

  • Gillean works with a virtual assistant to brainstorm, organize, and plan out her content creation and calendar.
  • Friends, creators, and everyday life experiences inspire her content creation. 
  • She batches her videos to streamline the process of recording her videos.
  • Planoly is her go-to tool for managing her posts and content visually before posting.
  • Doing her best to avoid the comparison trap is a big part of staying focussed on creation.

Staying Motivated and Driven (even on the day the jar of pasta sauce explodes everywhere during a shoot)

  • Gillean is committed to showing her daughters that they can pursue their dreams, too.
  • She has a clear idea of what her Higher Self or Future Self is like; how she thinks, how she acts, what she has, all of her accomplishments, and who she is.  When Gillean can stay in tune with what she knows it will be like, she can be pulled along by that vision.
  • Even if she doesn’t have all the things and success of her Higher Self, yet, she can still embody her feelings and actions.

How She Makes it ALL Happen

  • “It’s not like juggling, it’s more like playing dodgeball.”
  • “It takes a village”  Her incredibly supportive husband does the girls’ hair, gets them ready in the morning, and uses her WFD ‘non-recipes’ to make meals.  They have family that live close by that support ‘family life’ and being a part of their daughters’ lives.  
  • Organization and calendar management
  • Making time for fun which is, counterintuitively, the most productive way to spend her time to promote productivity.  When she is aligned with her fun and fulfillment and is high in her energy and vibration, successes come.

Daily Non Negotiables

  • Movement which can be exercise or walking her dog.  It’s her form of meditation.
  • She has been making time to do a 5 minute journal every morning and night for the last 7 months.  She really does it!  

Advice for the Struggling, Juggling, Dodging Supermom

  • Be fully present and spend time with them (even if it’s 5 minutes).  It makes me feel like a great mom and allows me to be fully present in other areas of life.  
  • Instagram inspiration:  “You’re kid will never say that they had a bad day.  Instead, they will say ‘come play with me’.”  

About Gillean

Gillean Barkyoumb is a certified dietician that knew this was the path for her since 8th grade.  After seeing the documentary Supersize Me, she not only saw that our diet not only impacts our health and physical condition, but, also, our relationships, moods and attitudes, and overall well being.  As an athlete in high school, she made the connection between food and athletic performance.  Gillean’s early experiences stuck with her and cultivated her interest in what food does for us and how it fuels our body.  She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition and went into a corporate dietician position that she loved and got a ton of experience including TV and speaking on stage.  

After eight years in the corporate world and the birth of her second daughter, Gillean was offered a consulting opportunity that gave her the space to take the leap into being an entrepreneurial dietician.  She creates beautiful, fun, and incredibly relatable content on her growing social media platforms, offers a What’s For Dinner Club membership, and is taking on brand partnerships.  

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