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The Heidi B Show

Aug 6, 2020

Robin Allen: Start by Looking Through Your Closet

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to understand ourselves and figure out the crucial changes we must undergo. Most people have started new hobbies and taken on personal challenges that can help them grow. However, you don’t have to look too far in making the difference you truly need in your life. You can start by looking through your closet.

In this episode, stylist and personal shopper Robin Allen talks about her background in styling and her personal style evolution. She discusses the importance of a closet makeover and how it can change your life for the better. Robin also shares her story about her relationship with her husband and her tips on making a relationship work.

If you are looking for tips on improving your personal style, take the first step by listening to this episode!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the importance of a closet makeover.
  2. How does finding your personal style build up your confidence?
  3. Robin Allen shares advice on making relationships work as an entrepreneur.





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Episode Highlights

Pivoting amid COVID-19 

  • During her recovery from a major foot surgery, she had the opportunity to recoup and relax.
  • The experience allowed her to slow down and analyze where she wanted to go.
  • She has always done online shopping and styling. As she already had that option on her website, she didn’t have to redesign the whole thing in her plan.

Sizing People Up

  • With her ability to “size people up,” she can assess whether an outfit would fit a person or not. It makes her work a lot quicker online.
  • Robin’s rule — If a piece of clothing is going to fit you within five pounds, you can keep it.
  • During quarantine, it’s not as easy to get rid of stuff because it’s not easy to shop. Hence, it’s better to keep things within a rational range.

The Evolution of Her Personal Style

  • She got into styling as early as high school. Being biracial and different-looking in a conservative community, she wanted to be different and stand out.
  • Every summer, when she visits her dad in San Francisco, she would come back with weird outfits. People embraced her style and race.
  • However, when she got into art school, she wanted to be different by her identity.
  • Her style reflected the identity of all the things she wanted to be. She went from being hippie to preppy and then to grunge.

Finding Her Way into the Styling Business

  • After art school, she ended up in LA, where she worked on TV and movie sets.
  • She then landed a gig as a personal stylist for a close friend at Tower Records.

Costuming vs. Styling

  • For Robin, doing costumes wasn’t as fun and fulfilling as styling.
  • There is a very quick “before and after” in styling, and her vision makes that possible.

What Does It Mean to Be a Stylist?

  • There are varying degrees and definitions of what a stylist is.
  • Celebrity styling — This was the original definition of a stylist. The stylist and the celebrity have a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Personal styling — Celebrities hire an individual for their everyday looks.
  • Editorial styling — You create a look based on the photoshoot’s story for a magazine, TV, or online media.
  • Robin defines styling as dressing the person for who they are⁠, including their shape and their lifestyle.

Accessibility of Celebrity Styling & Fashion

  • There is more accessibility now, but it doesn’t really affect celebrities; it only reflects the brand.
  • Robin’s goal is to always dress a person and flatter their body.
  • A lot of classic and throwback looks come back because they’re timeless.
  • She got a lot of gigs because people were impressed at her ability to size people up without meeting them.

Robin’s Beloved Brands

  • Robin appreciates brands that accommodate different shapes, sizes, shades, and tones.
  • She mentions Kut from the Kloth, Levi’s, and J.Crew as the most accommodating and consistent brands.

The Universal Standard

  • The most stressful thing for women is shopping in little dressing rooms with crappy lighting and ventilation.
  • This is where personal shoppers come in.
  • J.Crew has the biggest size range in the US of 00 to 40.

Why Your Closet Needs a Makeover

  • Robin starts in the closet before shopping. She believes it’s essential to know the clothing pieces you’ve already got.
  • It allows you to go through the process of choosing what you need and what you don’t.
  • Women have a lot of attachment to clothes and memories. However, if you’re not wearing them, she suggests passing it along.

Having a Focus List

  • When you have a focus list, you’re not so overwhelmed and stressed out.
  • A personal shopper’s job is only to guide you.
  • The problem roots from not being ever taught about how to dress as our body changes.

The Importance of Personal Style

  • People will play it safe in dressing up when they don’t know and see something as an extreme. Looking up the facts on celebrities allows you to see things realistically instead of comparing them to yourself.
  • People come to Robin when they’re at a point in their life where they want to uplevel. Other than being “renewed,” they want to discover who they are and what their style is.
  • She figures out the roles a person plays in life and dresses them to be at the highest level of that.
  • When you feel better about yourself, you speak and carry yourself in a different way.
  • Robin sees styling as a confidence builder, using clothes as her conduit.

Robin’s Style Career Highlights

  • For Robin, it is more about working with individuals and having them come back to thank her for those achievements.
  • She says that celebrity styling is nice, but she never felt connected with it.
  • Her new YouTube channel revolves around black history and black businesses. 
  • Listen to the full episode to know how Robin got into pivoting on YouTube!
  • She’s starting a 100% organic line designed by a person of color.

Robin’s Relationship Advice

  • Robin and her husband’s relationship started with friendship.
  • Communication, for Robin, is the key to making a relationship work.
  • Don’t stop goofing off and doing silly things.
  • Remind yourself and your partner that you love them.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“Most closets aren't that bad. You have the stuff. You just don't know how to put it together because, one, nobody taught you, two, you're just in a rut because you have too many other things going on in your life.”

“We weren't raised, we weren't sat down and talked to by our moms or anything about our shape or body size, what looks good on us because they didn't know.”

“Yes, clothes do matter; they matter to the way we feel, to our self-esteem, to everything. They’re power, and they also give you the leverage that you need within yourself to take the next step.”

“I'm a confidence builder; I just happened to use clothes as my conduit.”

“You can wear anything if you wear it with confidence.”

About Robin

Robin Allen is the creator of Robin Allen Style. She is a TV and YouTube personality and an influencer. Robin is also a life and style expert who works as a wardrobe stylist and a personal shopper.

You can connect with Robin by visiting her website, Instagram, or YouTube Channel.

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