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The Heidi B Show

May 13, 2021

Revive Your Email List with Samantha Montalbano

Every $1 invested in using email for marketing can lead to an average of $42 return. Surprised by these numbers? You shouldn’t be!

50% of people prefer email to social media, and 99% of users check their email every day! 60% of marketers even say email marketing is their top source of revenue! The statistics from various marketing studies and surveys all sound amazing. However, growing and nurturing an email list for marketing and building an effective strategy around it can sound daunting.  

In today's episode, email marketing specialist Samantha Montalbano joins us to talk about how to use email for brand marketing. She shares that a nurturing sequence is best when you want to grow and engage with your email list. 

If you want to learn how to use email for marketing and business growth, this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the three to one rule, an effective way to use email for marketing and business growth.
  2. Understand the importance of keeping an email list and how to grow and nurture it properly.
  3. Learn the ways you can stay consistent without burning yourself out. 


Episode Highlights

How Samantha Started Using Email for Marketing

  • Before founding the Boldness Factor, Samantha was a ‘dabbling entrepreneur’ since 2012.
  • From Fast Foundations Mastermind, she met her first client who needed help with writing emails. 
  • Samantha then realized that she has always loved writing, and people have always asked her for writing advice. 

The Beauty and Power of Email Copywriting

  • Email copywriting is really about making something succinct and beautiful. It’s the combination of graphic design and concise communication. 
  • Samantha’s current work primarily focuses on copywriting.
  • She acknowledges the importance of design in using email for marketing, but she has not entered that space just yet. 
  • At a glance, your subscribers must be able to tell who your email is from. 

Writing a Good Copy

  • Writing an email is a personal experience of capturing the brand’s voice and messaging. 
  • Start with being clear about your goals and vision. 
  • Copywriting doesn’t have to start from scratch, you can repurpose different content from your social media. 

Why Keep an Email List?

  • For every $1 invested in using email for marketing, there’s an average of $42 return. This is because a lot of people prefer using email to social media. 
  • You can follow thousands of people on social media but you don’t do the same for email.

Challenges and Expectations in Growing Your Email List

  • There’s a huge opportunity to grow your email list with giveaways, challenges, summits, and free resources. 
  • Look at your lead generation system and assess whether it’s effective or not. 
  • When people sign up for your newsletter, you need to make sure you’re providing value.
  • Consistently reach out and connect with your subscribers. 
  • Remember that once people sign up and give their email address, you have permission to connect and engage with them. 

Know How to Do Nurture Sequencing

  • Nurturing your email list comes with balancing sales and value. You want to give more value. 
  • The first few emails should be all about introducing your work and company. It’s important to craft a good brand story at this stage. 
  • You should also deliver on the asset you promised in exchange for their subscription to your email list.
  • Give people insight into your work and services and highlight the value you can offer. 
  • Listen to the full episode to hear more about nurturing your email list! 

The Three to One Rule in Email Marketing

  • When scheduling emails, you need to use the ratio of 3 value-based emails to 1 sales-based email. 
  • This helps ensure you keep a balance and don’t bog your email list with sales all the time. 
  • Once you start this system, do a list audit every 90-days. Look at who is not actively engaging and opening your emails.
  • There are many mailing applications you can use: Samantha says that MailChimp might be confusing for some, and that MailerLite has a more friendly interface

Build Consistency and Learn to Prioritize

  • Don’t stop sending emails after launching your first email. You have to build consistency and nurture trust. 
  • Take the pressure off yourself and remember that you cannot do everything. 
  • Learn to prioritize and focus on the essentials.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. 
  • Don’t compare yourself to others and learn to open up about yourself. 

Samantha’s Non-Negotiables

  • Samantha shares her non-negotiables are all about taking care of herself. 
  • This includes drinking a lot of water, praying with her family, and daily walks. 
  • Get back to the basics and assess if you’re taking care of your body. 
  • Learn to journal your thoughts and feelings. This helps you process and understand what you’re going through. 

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“From a consumer side, especially someone new on your list that had just downloaded something, they don't really have that strong relationship with you yet. It's really important to have either your logo or an image [so they can recognize you].” 

“Copywriting is not always about creating new content. My clients, they're doing the work [and] they have all this content out there and they just don't have the time to sit down and put it into an email and schedule it.”

“You would rather have 500 very engaged subscribers who really want to be there and who really are your ideal client versus 5000 who [are] just kind of there who signed up for giveaway and maybe aren't your ideal client.”

“Balance sales versus value-driven nurture emails to make sure you're not overselling your list.” 

“It is hard at times. And there are moments where I feel like I don't really have much to give, but just being real and having that conversation with each other is really powerful.”

About Samantha

Samantha Montalbano is an email copywriting specialist and the founder of Boldness Factor. She helps busy entrepreneurs create an email marketing strategy that builds retention, awareness, and trust. Her framework comes in the three simple steps of strategizing, writing, and scheduling. 

Samantha has been in the entrepreneurial world since 2012 and knows the difficulty in keeping up with using email for marketing strategies. As a passionate advocate for writing, Samantha believes in making email writing simple again. 

Interested in Samantha’s work? Schedule a call with her on her website.

You can also reach out to Samantha on LinkedIn, Instagram, and email (  

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