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The Heidi B Show

Oct 28, 2021

Parenting Mindset with Cindy Brown

It’s utterly crushing when we hear our children speak negatively of themselves or fixate on something that they think they didn’t do well enough.  We swoop in as their biggest cheerleaders with loads of positivity and evidence that they are worthy and amazing.  We react to these moments whenever they pop up and put the sunniest bandaid on that moment hoping it’s enough.  As a veteran educator and family mindset coach, Cindy Brown shares that these moments stem from the child’s internal thoughts and beliefs that come from their experiences and the messaging they receive.  Even if they are surrounded by cheerleaders and loving adults, their internal thoughts can often be fixed and negative.

Cindy explains that unless we work on developing a mindset as a family, the supportive parenting strategies may not be as effective. Family mindset is a common language, shared values, and a practice that is a foundation for encouraging our children’s confidence and grit.  From the adults all the way to the littlest of children, everyone has the tools, understanding, and safe space to practice exploring, experimenting, and sharing experiences and emotions rather than expectations.  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

Hear how Cindy pivoted from being in education for 30 years to creating her business at the beginning of the pandemic. As a result of everything going online, she was able to extend her reach well beyond her network and community.  
Discover strategies to relieve the stressful tension around expectations and assumptions in us and our children as we move back into the classrooms.
Be inspired by Cindy’s mindset and practices around being in the early stages of development as an entrepreneur.

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Episode Highlights:

E is for Entrepreneur

After 30 years in education as a classroom teacher, teachers’ coach, and speaker for PTOs and school districts, Cindy retired in the first spring of the pandemic.
In the last seven years as an educator, Cindy’s observations of how children’s environment and experience deeply affected their internal thoughts led her to mindset development work.  
Cindy began planning her move into entrepreneurship two years before her planned retirement.  She had little to no experience in business so she focussed on finding women who had success in this area.  She joined The Junior League of Phoenix and the Powerhouse Women Community. 
These spaces gave her opportunities to grow in diff areas--committee work, social media, fundraising, promotion, marketing, networking, etc
Pivoting at the Beginning of a Pandemic

As Cindy’s pivot coincided with the pandemic and everything going virtual, she began to build her cache of video content.
As a result, she was able to share her message and program well beyond her built-in community in education in her local area.  
She spoke at conferences with participants from all around the world.  Her videos are also viewed around the world. 
Common Block for Parents with Tweens and Teens

Awareness--Internal thoughts start at a very early age and mindset development needs support much sooner than we notice.
Convenience--It seems easier to make choices for our children regarding schedules, activities, and their path.  But this doesn’t create space for a child to develop a sense of responsibility, agency, or worth.   
Communication--Parents often make statements instead of asking supportive and open questions.  Statements and expectations mold the internal thoughts and messages while open questions allow for exploration, curiosity, and connection.   
Tips for Parenting that Empowers

Know your internal messaging and history of messaging as a child.  
Become an emotional scientist by asking questions that inspire curiosity around an upcoming experience (new experiences in school as we transition to in-person this fall).  “I wonder who you’ll get for math?”,  “I wonder if there will be new clubs to join?”, “I wonder what xyz will be like?”, rather than “The first day will be so great!”, “You’re going to do so great!”  
Talk in terms of goals we have as a family for school, friendship, community, etc.  
Have a family charter of three main values and talk about what this looks like and means for each member.  It becomes a reference point or guidepost to support conversations and experiences we have.  
Cindy’s Entrepreneurial Mindset

When entrepreneurship is a roller coaster, Cindy remembers “Even though I’m ready I have to wait until they’re ready.”
“What I’m doing is going to make a difference.  I know this because I did the work and I live it now. I felt the change and more balanced and less stressed--I taught it for years but it wasn’t until I walked through it and lived it...when it became more than words”

“They might be small steps in the big picture but I am going forward because I keep showing up”

Cindy’s Non Negotiables

A firm but flexible routine and schedule.  There are things I want to get done and I make time for movement, quiet time like guided meditation, or watching the dog explore, and journaling.
Recording everything on all the calendars and keeping all engagements on Calendly.  
Cooking and eating well and not on the run.
For the Parent that is Struggling with Their Child(ren)

Start with self by observing and remembering your own internal messaging.  
Reflect on how you communicate.  Are you trying to be a cheerleader while coming off as a judge?
Reflect on whether you are making more statements or asking more questions?  
About Cindy

Cindy Brown is a Family Mindset Strategist who works with parents to identify their unique vision and goals for their family.  She is an award-winning veteran educator with 30 years of experience and 24 years of experience raising her own children.  Her experience and coaching expertise guide parents, school districts, and other educators in creating empowerment and fulfillment in children’s lives.  

Cindy is actively involved in serving her community, supporting many organizations  that support women, as well as, disadvantaged children.  She is an active member of Junior League of Phoenix in a leadership role, serves on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented, and Chairs the statewide Parent’s Institute Conference.  

Cindy Brown offers a highly personalized 10 week one-on-one coaching package for families that can include co parents, grandparents, etc.  She also does group sessions and public speaking for parent groups, school districts, PTOs, and nonprofits.  

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