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The Heidi B Show

Mar 11, 2021

Living with Magic and Connecting to Your Higher Self with Marisa La Fata

Have you ever wished to experience magic or thought about what it would feel like to go on a magical journey? You don’t need to look that far to do so. We’ve always been magical; it’s just that we’ve forgotten. It’s not the sort of magic you see in fairytales, circus acts, or movies. Creating a magical life is a spiritual journey. We simply need to look deep into our hearts and minds to come back to our power. 

Joining us on this week’s episode is Marisa La Fata, a healer and transformation guide. She talks to us about the tools and nourishment we need to explore our inner world. She also discusses energetic boundaries and how we can create them. Marisa then delves into the difference between masculine and feminine energy and guides us through an energy body shift.

If you want to step into your power and discover how transformation and healing feels, then tune in to this episode!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand the importance of magic and how you can create it.
  2. Discover how to open yourself up and get into the sacred world inside you.
  3. Learn to shift your feelings of anxiety or fear.


Episode Highlights

Marisa’s Backstory and Journey

  • The magical part of Marisa’s journey started in 2016 when she was intentionally seeking a spiritual journey.
  • We are spiritual beings that desire a spiritual experience.
  • Because she was raised in a very rigid religion, she did not have a lot of freedom.
  • She was stressed and experienced lots of anxiety and fear from worrying about what other people thought of her.
  • After reading The Four Agreements, she realized that so much of who she was, was learned. She wanted to break free from all that and discover herself and her beliefs.

Her Fear and Anxiety Experience

  • Marisa realized that she takes whatever is happening to someone else and projects it upon herself.
  • If she sees somebody get attacked or killed, her body will have the physical experience of what it would be like if that happened to somebody she loved.
  • Fear and anxiety do not always make sense in the mind.

Energetic Boundaries and Energetic Hygiene

  • With the pandemic, the collective energy of the universe was almost like everybody was going through trauma at the same time.
  • Marisa explained that her container just blew. She realized that she was consuming too much and so she started looking for ways to create boundaries while still staying informed.
  • For energetic hygiene, you connect yourself to your energy body. Close your eyes and imagine what your energetic container looks and feels like.
  • The container holds your physical space and all of your experiences, interactions, and energy you have released from your body.
  • Then, you look at energy chords and the energetic relationships you have with people, places, or things. You can take it one step further and see your partner’s energy body when you are in an argument.

The Difference Between Feminine and Masculine Energy

  • Many of the things we consider masculine are learned from patriarchy. For instance, we think that strength and anger are masculine.
  • In truth, so much of what is masculine is also feminine. 
  • Divine feminine energy permits us to just be.
  • When she was living in her masculine energy, she thought that crying was weak.
  • Marisa shared that women’s circles create a safe space where they can align their divine feminine energy. And through this, there’s magic.   

The Four Agreements

  • The Four Agreements are: Be impeccable with your word, Do not take anything personally, Do not make assumptions, and Always do your best.
  • Not taking this personally is difficult. A tip would be to start with people outside your immediate family. Then as you learn, get closer and closer. 
  • One of the important things Marisa learned about transformation is that you can be happier if you are the kind of person who desires to shift and change things.
  • Pause and look at your transformation. Look at how much you have learned and how much you have grown.

More on Transformation and Healing

  • Remember, everything you need to have is inside of you. Learn to trust yourself. 
  • Marisa intends to create a way for women to feel supported every day and for them to feel immersed in the energy of the community all the time.
  • A part of releasing limiting beliefs is getting rid of the idea that rituals and meditations have to be a long, drawn-out process to create a sacred space. 
  • By doing activation meditations, we have the power to shift whatever feeling we have. And you can create time in your day to do this. 
  • Listen to the full episode to hear Marisa guide us through an energy body shift!

Daily Non-Negotiables and Advice from Marisa

  • Marisa’s daily non-negotiable is to create magic. That is her soul’s purpose and intention for the year.
  • Know that you are not alone.
  • Ask the universe to bring you something that will help you explore your inner world in a new way.
  • Know what you want and take action. 
  • Whenever you feel defeated, you have to do something different.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“Because I realized that energetically, what we’re talking about is whatever you ingest, you’re experiencing. A lot of people don’t realize how much energy work they can do on themselves… You’re perfectly capable of tuning in to the energetic relationship inside of every connection you have in your life, including things that might feel, you know, intangible, like social media or the news.”

“So this is what spiritual practice means to me, is that I’m returning back to home — home of the heart, home of being connected to the divine, like home of releasing and unlearning all of those beliefs. And that inside of that, I need to be surrounded by women who are doing the same thing, who are doing this work, and we’re doing it together.” 

“What I think is powerful about divine feminine energy is because it’s like the energy of the divine feminine gives us permission to trust ourselves and go within for the answers.” 

“There is this magic that happens when we are all on the same vibration, and we’re aligning with one another or aligning with that divine feminine energy.”

“You can find time for yourself. That’s one of the biggest blocks that most of the people that I work with have is actually creating the time for ourselves to do these things, where it’s like, but we’ll actually sit there and agonize and worry for five hours.” 

About Marisa

Marisa La Fata has been helping women heal for over ten years. She is the creatress and foundress of Soul Alchemy Healing. Marisa helps women transform their inner and outer worlds through healing old wounds, rewriting their stories, getting rid of the old, outdated belief systems, and stepping into their power. She helps them align with their divine feminine energy by connecting to the higher self and the other realm. 

Marisa’s practice is rooted in Shamanism and the Toltec Path of Transformation, having studied extensively with the Ruiz family. Her approach to healing is focused on Spirituality, the Divine Feminine, and Earth Medicine. With the belief that all women have magic, her intention is to help women reconnect to the Goddess inside them and create a community of sisterhood, healing, and growth.

To learn more about Marisa and connect with her, you may visit her website or subscribe to her Patreon. You may also reach out to her on Instagram.

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