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The Heidi B Show

Dec 16, 2021

Increasing Your Visibility with Florence Andrews 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

Discover the powerful practices and mindsets Florence has used to bring her best to the theatres in the West End and the big screen. 

Learn how to rewire our brain from fear to our spark and excitement that will give us our edge. 

Hear Florence’s behind the scenes experience of filming a huge Ridley Scott film in Italy during a COVID lockdown.   


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Episode Highlights 

Born for the Stage 

Florence grew up in a lively bohemian household surrounded by actors, artists, and musicians. 

She felt called to performance and the arts while her family and community encouraged her.  

Her father showed them old MGM classics like The King and Carousel. 

Florence performed throughout her years in school and her first professional performance was Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music, directed by Trevor Nunn. 

Internal Tug of War 

As Florence began her professional career in musical theatre, mindset blocks started popping up. 

Though she knew what she was capable of and loved the work, self-sabotage in the forms of second guessing and stage fright tug at her. 

Florence made the decision to work through her blocks by reading everything she could on mindset work, manifestation, and performance psychology. 

Enter the Pandemic  

When COVID hit, theatres closed and everyone was sent home to quarantine. 

Florence couldn’t perform but saw a need that brought together her long experience in the theatre and her passion for mindset work. 

Her own personal work and success in mindset and theatre made her uniquely qualified to be a visibility and success coach. 

Embrace Our ‘Inner Weirdo’ 

Instead of hiding behind quotes, memes, and graphics, Florence wanted to support powerful business women by helping them give permission to themselves to be seen, to make themselves visible. 

Many of us are subconsciously and automatically driven to ‘dial it down’ or dim our lights because we’ve been shamed in the past for shining out.  We carry that shame and story with us.  

However, it’s often that very spark or uniqueness that we dim that sets us apart, is a part of our gift or offering, and will lead us to our personal success.   

“It is absolutely liberating to reconnect with that spark… and give yourself permission to shine out without shame. 

3 Tips for Increasing Visibility 

Reframe our fear as excitement.  When we are sitting in fear, instead of trying to calm ourselves and dispel the fear, attach the physical sensations to excitement rather than fear.  We can redefine the knots in our stomach or weak knees as excitement. WHen our brain begins to think of it as excitement, it can stop the sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.  The fear and adrenaline can then turn from sabotage to giving us our edge.  It is helpful to press your thumb and forefinger together when creating the anti-thought.   

Dance with fear instead of running from it.  Fear isn’t going anywhere, but we can see it as a badge of honor, as a marker of us getting out of our comfort zone and into growth.  Acknowledge that it is trying to be useful, that it can and will be present, but it is not in control.   

Remember to turn the light outwards rather than inwards.  Focus the light on the thing we are putting out into the world rather than the inward things we worry about.  People are looking for the value of the thing we are offering and not the mistakes or gaps we may perceive.   

BONUS tip:  Draw a vertical line with 0 on the left end 100 on the right end.  Think of the particular thing you are worried about and how much of it, out of 100, that you feel confident about.  Mark that point.  If it’s 70%, mark that point on the horizontal line.  Draw a vertical through that mark.  On the left, between 0 and 70, make bullet points of all the things that give you confidence around it.  On the right, between 70 and 100, write all the things that make you feel uncertain or timid.  Cross out the right side and focus on everything on the left.  Make that 70% of the thing, 100% of what you focus on.   

House of Gucci 

About a year before COVID, Florence had taken a year off to be with her son.  She returned to work but after 3 days back, everyone was told to go home and the theatres closed due to COVID 

Florence had been in theatre in the West End for 14 years and in recent years desired to do screen work, too.  It was a challenge to transition to screen as she was so well known for her theatre work.   

 In January of 2021, she was doing some screen work mostly in ads, and she was told to send in a self taped audition for a Ridley Scott movie. 

Florence thought they would likely go with an actor with a bigger name but she sent in her tape which included her singing Italian opera. 

It was her first time filming a movie and most everyone’s first time filming a movie in Italy during a COVID lockdown with it’s many restrictions. Unless the actors were running a scene, all the actors were in their trailers.  They all had very little contact with each other outside of actual filming.   

She admired and appreciated Ridley Scott’s dynamic and ego-less directing style.  When something wasn’t working, he was willing to let go of his original vision and reset.  

Florence had a surprising moment in which Ridley Scott asked for an unplanned closeup.  It was a moment that maybe in the past, she would have shrunk a bit from, but she gave herself permission to show off and take up space.  She let herself “be the persons they clearly trusted you to be by giving you the job”.   

Daily Non Negotiables… that don’t always happen 

Have a cut off time in the evening.  “Yes, I could keep going, but it’s not worth it.  Rest is part of productivity. 

Protecting her energy.  Florence makes boundaries around replying to people.  For example, sometimes she replies for 20 minutes in the morning, then 20 minutes in the afternoon.  If we don’t create these types of boundaries, we could spend the whole morning replying or be distracted throughout the day to reply right away. 

Journaling.  Florence has been journaling since she was 10 years old.  It is her saving grace, safe space, and the practice that serves her the most. Though she loves writing prompts, she more often starts free flowing the things that are in her mind.  She gets the things that are ricocheting in her mind out onto paper.  When she enters a flow state, she notices that her higher self takes over.  When Florence finds her mind in a space lack or scarcity, jornaling brings her back.   

About Florence 

Florence Andrews is Hollywood and West End Lead actress whose credits include School of Rock, Miss Atomic Bomb, Once, Wicked, The Wizard of Oz, The Mikado, Annie Get Your Gund, A Little Night Music, and, most recently, Ridley Scott’s feature film House of Gucci.  


Florence is also a success and visibility mindset coach who lives in London with her two sons and many chickens.  She loves films, chocolate, and anything that has to do with mindset and peak performance psychology.  Florence sees the parallels in her experience as an actor and as entrepreneur, both requiring grit, courage, and being unapologetically visible. 


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