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The Heidi B Show

Dec 31, 2021

Successful Social Media Strategy with Kristine Munro 
Kristine Munro was built for this. She is a long-time entrepreneur and a social media strategist who is energized by being social, both online and in-person.  She’s figured out how to get clear about our message and utilize the tools of social media to bring businesses recognition and success.   
Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 
Be inspired by Kristine’s fun and creative strategies that give us confidence and consistency in content creation.  
Hear how Kristine shifted from her early entrepreneurial experience to her current chapter in which she is even more aligned with her passion and power. 
Learn how to see the warning signs long before content creation burnout happens and what to do to prevent it. 
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Episode Highlights 
The Corporate Years 
As a child, Kristine spent hours and hours creating all sorts of videos on her family VHS camcorder. 
She shared with her parents that she wanted to do something that involved being in front of the camera but they guided her to more practical choices.  Kristine got a business degree and studied finance.  She worked in corporate finance for 9 years. 
Kristine founded her real estate and development company in 2008 and her business experienced success for the next 10 years. 
Defining Success 
In 2016, Kristine lost her father.  The deep impact and loss of her father shifted her perception and she gave herself permission to start afresh. 
Though Kristine’s business was successful, deep down she felt something was missing.  She made her fresh start by changing careers, moving her family to the U.S. from Canada, and starting a new business. 
Kristine was an enthusiastic user and consumer of social media and knew it was full of potential and aligned with her own gifts and talents as a very business savvy and social being. 
Jumping into Social Media for Business 
Kristine’s first business experience on social media was with the network marketing company Beautycounter Cosmetics. 
Though she continues to do Beautycounter, she made a huge pivot to focus and grow her social media business to teach other women entrepreneurs to optimize the opportunities of social media for their businesses. 
Jacqueline of All Trades 
Kristine expresses her mastery of business and social media as a coach, community leader, social media fairy godmother, social retail pro, and so much more. 
Not all collaborations are equal.  At this point, Kristine knows what is most successful for her when it comes to working with brands and affiliate marketing. 
Kristine is currently focussing on teaching women entrepreneurs how to use social media for business.  She creates online courses, workshops, challenges, and does online coaching, as well. 
Content Creation  
Kristine confirms that the biggest block is most often content creation. 
Narrowing our message and who our audience is allows us to be more confident and therefore more consistent in our content. 
Expert Tips for Using Social Media in Business 
Consistency--show up so people know and remember us, we are the first thing they think of when they think of our niche. 
Grow your email list outside of IG--use and opt-in or lead magnet in your bio. 
Be authentic and monetize the passions that you love--if we don’t love it, our audience picks up on it. 
About Kristine 
Kristine Munro is an IG Business strategist, social media expert, and  seasoned entrepreneur.  In her early entrepreneurship, she founded her own real estate and development company where she bought, tore down, and built properties from scratch.  Though she no longer works in real estate, she is currently building a home for her family. Kristine has two littles that keep her on her toes and sticking to her daily rituals of meditation and journaling.  She makes sure to take breaks in order to keep the creativity and energy flowing and successful.   
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