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The Heidi B Show

Nov 4, 2021

From Starbucks to Seven Figures with Emily Williams 

Breaking free from the college to grad school to 9-to-5 construct is a story that inspires us and we all love to hear!  Well, this one includes a 180 turn on the drive to start graduate school to buying a ticket to London, meeting a husband through online dating, and starting a business that sky-rocketed to 7 figures in less than two years.  If you added all the details and highs and lows in between, it could be the next Netflix series!   

(Spoiler alert:  The online dating portion of this adventure is actually in unpublished written form with all the possibilities for a Netflix pitch!)  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

Be inspired by Emily’s journey of following her heart and intuition to find massive success in money and life. 

Discover the limiting beliefs around money that hold us back. 

Learn powerful strategies to get clear about what we really want and when we actually want them. 


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Episode Highlights: 

From Ohio to London 

In 2008, Emily was on course to the Psychology graduate program at Northwestern University when a gut feeling turned her around and she went back to Ohio with no plan or clarity. 

She worked a series of low paying jobs, including Starbucks, and got serious about following her dreams to live in London where she knew no one. 

This was the beginning of Emily tuning into her intuition and trusting herself even if it didn’t make sense. 

Emily in London 

Emily applied to graduate programs in London, worked as a nanny, and was shocked by the difference in cost of living compared to Ohio. 

While giving online dating a chance, Emily met her husband.  She wrote a book of her online dating experience in London which sounds like a perfect Netflix series! 

Emily’s husband is a huge part of her life and success story.  In hindsight, she knows that her gut feeling led her to him and London. 

Entering Entrepreneurship 

A friend sent a link to Marie Forleo’s website.  Emily realized she could see herself in her and doing this work. 

She had no idea what she was doing but did it anyway. 

Emily joined Marie Forleo’s program, devoured other people’s content, and pieced together a roadmap to create her business. 

In her first workshops with 7 people, she helped women evaluate their lives and their levels of satisfaction. 

Following Instincts and Enthusiasm 

From one-on-one coaching to group programs to webinars to huge live events and everything in between, Emily followed her own excitement to guide her offerings.   

“If I’m excited about it, it’s going to sell much better than anything I have to force myself to sell”  

Money Mindset is the Critical Game Changer 

The most common block is the mindset around charging and selling.   

When we identify our money mindset blocks and from where they came we can transform our thoughts to look at money in a different way. 

Some of us are addicted to focussing on lack. 

In this process we can get clear on what we actually want and set goals to make the money we desire and deserve 

Adding Podcasting to the Mix 

In 2018, Emily was invited to be a part of another platform.   

Though it wasn’t the right fit for her, someone saw something in her and the power of her voice which prompted her own show. 

She started with interviews and teaching episodes. 

Now she loves introducing her large community to powerhouses, experts, and influencers that can impact them in ways that are different from her own.   

Getting Focused by Going Bigger 

Earlier this year, Emily realized that she was trying to make her business be two different things. 

She launched a second website and business that focuses on entrepreneurs realizing their business and financial potential, while I Heart My LIfe focuses on creating a life better than our dreams with personal and professional development 

While there are things you can plan, the reality is that you're making decisions in real time during a pivot.  Emily follows her intuition and experience while keeping her purpose and inner knowing at the center. 

About Emily: 

Emily is a success coach, author, podcaster, speaker, and founder of I Heart My LIfe, an education, lifestyle and media company.  Emily graduated from college in Ohio with a psychology degree and was on her way to the Northwestern University graduate program when she made a decision to follow her dreams to live in London.  While living there for nine years, she met her husband, founded her massively successful 7-figure business, wrote her book I Heart My Life, found her dream home in London, became a British citizen, and so much more.  She and her husband moved to Austin, Tx in 2020 where they are currently building their new dream house.   

With I Heart My Life, an education, lifestyle, and media company, Emily offers a myriad of programs that help women reach the next level in money, relationships, mindset, business or career, and more.  On her new website, Emily offers masterminds, luxurious VIP days, and one-on-one coaching and consulting work around money and business. 

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