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The Heidi B Show

Nov 11, 2021

Freedom in Minimalism with Rose Lounsbury 

Most of us have had stints of being motivated enough to purge things from our home, closet, garage, office, or basement.  I even did the minimalism challenge and lasted a few weeks into it.  Every time I did it, it felt great, successful, and freeing.  But, two things always happen, it piles back up and the idea of purging again is overwhelming so we put it way off or do little purging moments to try to get the same feeling.   

Rose Lounsbury is a Simplicity Coach and she shares with us the freedom and peace that comes from minimalism and simplifying our lives.  She reveals some of the reasons we have so many things in our environment, why we hold on to them, and how to let go.  Unless minimalism and simplicity is a mindset rather than moments of purging, it’s hard to keep up the practice that can open up space in our environment, minds, and life to have the life we want.   

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

Hear how Rose made it to the TEDxDayton stage and how her message got 500K views.   

Be inspired to feel the freedom from anxiety and burden of our things.   

Learn effective strategies to get a start on simplifying your life beyond just decluttering things. 


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Episode Highlights 

Having Triplets ...and Being a Full-time Teacher 

Rose took off a couple of years from teaching to be with her new triplets. 

“Having triplets was like learning to fly, I had no special training or skills… being a stay-at-home mom was the hardest job I've ever had to do!” 

She returned to classroom to save her sanity. 

Three Jobs and Only One of them is a Paid Job 

Rose noticed that there were three shifts in a day:  the first was in the classroom for which she was paid, the second was taking care of the family until their bedtime, and the third was picking up all the things after 9pm. 

It was exhausting and a never ending cycle. 

Rose left the classroom that winter. 

The family went on a road trip to visit grandparents for the holidays and returned with a van stuffed with presents from grandparents.  Rose realized she didn’t have enough room for the stuff they already had, much less the new stuff. 

“I thought I was going to organize my way out it” 

A friend introduced Rose to minimalism. 

Instead of organizing her way out it, she tried simplifying her way out of it. 

After eight months, the house looked different. 

The physical change was wonderful, but, more importantly, the emotional change of being released from the burden and anxiety that was life-changing  

Simplifying Life  

WIthout having to spend time taking care of the things, she had more free time to read a book, have a glass of wine, and so much more. 

After shedding and letting go of the physical things, she felt the momentum to continue to declutter less tangible things like finances, expectations of self, and unhealthy behaviors, etc. 

The pattern of simplicity is to let go of things that don’t serve us so we can make room for the life we want.  

We Are So Used to Living This Way 

We cling to the cluttered environment, cluttered relationships, cluttered finances, and cluttered health. 

We don’t realize that the things we cling to are burdensome,keep us down, keep us from what we want, or from feeling good. 

“I FEEL So Much Better” 

After many clients let go of the physical things in their environment, they all say “I FEEL so much better”.  It’s an emotional experience. 

Rose is most interested in helping people feel better and more free to have the life they want.   

Mindset, Old Stories, Societal Norms Keep Us from Letting Go 

We fear we’ll need it someday and that we need to be prepared. 

But, the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.  If we haven’t been using the thing, it is HIGHLY likely we will not use it in the future.  Of course it’s possible, but HIGHLY unlikely 

How difficult would it be to replace it? 

Someone else could be using this thing today.   

Tips to Start Uncluttering 

Have a constant donation box.  Don’t put it back or hang it back up if it’s no longer useful or beautiful to you. 

Start with your own things.  This will very likely inspire those around you to do the same.   

Start somewhere that is emotionally easy for you, where the emotional attachment is low. You’re dealing with your feelings so towels or personal care products are innocuous enough. 

To the TEDx Stage 

In 2018, Rose’s blog readers suggested she apply to become a TEDx speaker. 

She submitted an application in June and was one of fifty to be called back to audition. 

Based on that audition she was one in eighteen to be called back to do a TEDxDayton talk.   

She worked with a coach to craft the presentation for four months and did the TEDx talk in October.   

How To Write A Book (with Triplets) 

Rose hired a coach with a team that helped her with the writing, marketing, cover design, layout, graphic design, putting it on Amazon called Less: Minimalism For Real. 

The financial investment and timeframe kept her motivated. 

She hired childcare, wrote in coffee shops, stayed up late, wrote on weekends for five months. 

Of course, she could’ve figured it out on her own and found free offerings on the internet for similar services.  But coaching and making the financial investment increased the probability of having a book in the end. 

An Achilles Heel 

So much work goes into launching and the outcome is always uncertain.  

Even if we’ve done it before, it’s scary and can feel like it's always the first time. 

We can plan, plan, plan, take the courses, get coaching but the actual launch can always feel scary. 

I Don’t Do it All 

The idea of women doing it all is misleading.  The message that we can do it all is a trap that makes us set unrealistic expectations that we can never measure up to. 

Men aren’t asked how they do it all. 

“I do what I can, I do what is for me to do, I do the best I can, and at the end of the day there will still be things that are undone.  It’s not a failure”   

Rose tries her best not to do it all because as a recovering overachiever the instinct to do it all is hard to overcome. 

When we do try to do it all it’s exhausting and makes us feel like crap. 

One daily non-negotiable that Rose is rigid about is 7 hours of sleep.  Nothing is good if we are deprived of sleep.  The only exception is if she has to wake up early for a flight to somewhere fun and beautiful. 


About Rose 

Rose Lounsbury is a speaker, an Amazon best-selling author, and Simplicity Coach that helps professionals let go of what’s holding them back and open up to bigger lives.  She was balancing her middle school teaching career with two year old triplets when she was introduced to minimalism in 2012 that changed her life.  She left the classroom to help women live happier, more fulfilled lives without all the stuff.  Rose spends her days speaking, writing, and coaching clients and online students about the freedom of open spaces.   

Rose has shared her message on the TEDx stage and her talk has 500K views.  Her advice has been featured on USA Today, Good Day Columbus, and Good Morning Cincinnati, along with several radio programs.   

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