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The Heidi B Show

May 6, 2021

Finding Clarity with Christine Bello

Do you feel lost and unmotivated to go through your everyday life? People often feel uncertain about their lives because they don’t believe they have skills or gifts to share with the world. But the reality is you do have something to share with other people, and you need to start putting it out there. Invest in yourself and find your path in life!

In today’s episode, Christine Bello talks about how she discovered what she could share with other people. As an entrepreneur, she discusses how important it is to invest in yourself and your personal growth. Christine also talks about the power of mantras and affirmations in our lives.

If you think you’re ready to invest in yourself and find clarity in life, then this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover how to find clarity in your life.
  2. Understand the importance of dealing with your grief and how to do it.
  3. Learn some tips and tricks in powering through your daily life.


Episode Highlights

Christine’s Journey into Entrepreneurship

  • Christine didn’t think she would be an entrepreneur, but she had nudges that she used to ignore.
  • Her entrepreneurial spirit showed when she was a kid—she sold rubber bands to the kids on her school bus.
  • Christine’s first venture was when she joined Isagenix and did network marketing.
  • She also started going to Lindsay Schwartz’s Six Figure School.

How Christine Found Clarity

  • Christine started writing quotes and shared her output with everyone out there.
  • People engaged with her content, and many would send her their appreciation.
  • Christine shares that making someone’s day gave her clarity about what she needed to do with her life.

On Mantras, Affirmations, and Content Creation

  • Christine shares that mantras and affirmations set up her whole day and gives her a positive outlook on life.
  • She also has a habit of writing in a gratitude journal every morning.
  • Christine’s content mostly comes to her when she’s bored at work. 
  • She writes them as the thoughts come to her.
  • Sometimes, inspiration hits Christine nonstop, and so she’s writing nonstop as well.

The Best Way to Use Mantras

  • Christine says that people can do whatever people want to do with the content she creates and shares with them.
  • Her advice is to use them according to what resonates with your soul.
  • You can take, keep, or even share the mantras if that’s what will benefit you.
  • Christine also shares that, like other people, some mantras speak more to her than others. She takes notes of these mantras and will put them on the first page of her book or app.

Christine’s Vision for Her Content

  • According to the Six Figures School Program, Christine should just put her content out there and not worry about it.
  • Putting them out there might help others, and it also improves her skills and content.
  • Christine also shares the sharing her content had also helped her establish herself and grow.

Invest in Yourself

  • It can be scary but fulfilling to invest in yourself, especially when you do not have the money to do so.
  • Putting money on the line will also help motivate you as you will not want your investment to go to waste.
  • Invest in yourself and change your life for the better, just like Christine did. She met new friends who are like sisters to her and who support her endeavors.
  • To invest in yourself, you need to take the time to research mentors and programs. 

Christine’s Experience with Grief

  • Christine’s father, sister, and brother all passed away when she was younger. And then, in January 2020, her mother died as well.
  • Her mother was her best friend and companion, and losing her devastated her. Yet, Christine stepped up and spoke her eulogy despite her strong emotions.
  • Christine shares that she was not able to properly acknowledge her feeling from her father’s death. 
  • She was determined to do it differently with her mother’s passing. 
  • She dealt with grief after her mom’s passing by getting help from a therapist and support group.

Christine’s Advice for Those Who Are Grieving

  • Christine shares that journaling and finding friends who can be there for you helped her go through her grief.
  • Ride the wave; don’t bury your feelings. 
  • If you continue to bury your feelings, you may explode.
  • When you’re going through first birthdays or holidays after a passing, you need a plan to go through the day.

How Christine Gets Things Done 

  • Christine sets a routine that she follows to the dot.
  • She also believes that having the right network of people can help you get things done.
  • Using checklists also motivates her to finish her tasks.

Christine’s Daily Non-Negotiables

  • Christine starts her day by writing down what she’s grateful for. 
  • She also repeats several “I am” statements. 
  • If Christine feels like she has negative energy around her, she takes a walk to shake it off.
  • She’ll also read books and schedule calls with her friends and community.
  • Christine also doesn’t check her phone until 10 am. 

Advice on Clarity and Emotions

  • Find a support group or community that is going to be there for you no matter what.
  • Share your gifts out there.
  • Always remember that if others can succeed, then there is a possibility for you too.

5 Powerful Quotes

“Just put them (your gifts) out there. You don’t have to worry about it. Just put them out there, and let’s see what happens to them.”

“If you’re not embarrassed by your first launch, you’ve waited too long.”

“It’s just healthier to sit in your feelings. Just don’t dwell in them. Sit in them, let them go through you, but don’t sit the whole day in your bed.”

“Then it's also putting into practice like a couple of ‘I am’ statements like ‘I am worthy, I am enough, I am beautiful, I am strong.’” 

“Always remember that an unwrapped gift is just worthless. So, you need to put those gifts out there.”

About Christine

Christine Bello started her formal entrepreneurial journey at Isagenix, where she now works as a consultant. Christine is also the founder of Bello’s Quotes. She writes her quotes and affirmations and shares them online to motivate and inspire other people. She is a great cheerleader and a firm supporter of the power of affirmations and mantras. Christine is also a member of the Powerhouse Women, a group of female entrepreneurs who motivates and supports one another.

If you want to connect with Christine, you can find her on Facebook or Instagram. You can also check out Bello’s Quotes on Instagram.

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