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The Heidi B Show

Jan 7, 2021

Double Cleanse with Emily Mercer

Skincare and makeup products have been on people's shopping lists for a long time. As the beauty industry continues to grow, so do the services offered to men and women. Many of these products and services give you the promise of enhanced beauty, confidence, and self-love.

In today's episode, Emily Mercer joins us to share her success story in the beauty industry and cosmetic tattooing. She discusses her recommended skin products, what it's like to work with different clients, and why she doesn't want to transform someone to look different from what they truly look like. Emily also shares not only her relationship journey but also her quest toward self-love.

Do you want to know about cosmetic tattooing and how to rise in the massive beauty industry? If yes, this episode is perfect for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Gain valuable insights from Emily’s journey in the beauty industry and how her experiences led her to become a resilient businesswoman.
  2. Discover how you can take care of your skin more. 
  3. Emily will share her journey toward self-love, liberation, and acceptance.  


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Episode Highlights

Emily's Start in the Beauty Industry

  • Emily had showcased her makeup skills at a young age. 
  • In college, she took Sociology as a major and decided to go corporate afterward. It was the time of her life when she was living for other people.
  • It took her three and a half years to get out because her impeccable sales ability would always bring her promotions.
  • Her savings enabled her to join a program in Vancouver called The Art of Makeup. It was there where she started doing makeup professionally, working for free for large corporate clients.
  • Listen to the podcast to know more about Emily’s journey into makeup school!

Starting Her Own Business

  • Emily had a hard time dealing with a lot of ego and "top-down" management while working for corporate clients. She hated the work environment, so she decided to do her own thing. 
  • She started reaching out to individual photographers. Most of her visits ended up in rejection, which shaped Emily's resilience.
  • During her search, she met Jennifer Elise, a well-known photographer. After emailing her, Jennifer invited Emily to her photoshoot, and from there on, she was her number one girl.
  • Jennifer helped Emily build her network and gain clients.

On Cosmetic Tattooing

  • Emily got her tattoo license in cosmetic tattoo. Some cosmetic tattoo artists specialize in tiny tattoos.
  • When Emily was in tattoo school, she wondered how she would get clients knowing that she is only a student.
  • Emily went to tattoo school in Oregon for a year. She had to work on 50 people before she could get a license.
  • A good tattoo artist knows the depth they are going into the skin. Knowing the depth was Emily’s biggest worry when she was just starting.

Emily's Favorites and Horror Stories Working in the Business

  • Waxing and tattooing brows are the favorite services she offers in her business. 
  • She doesn't like working with self-deprecating clients. According to Emily, clients who have a poor self outlook always find something wrong due to their insecurities.
  • For Emily, it can be challenging to work with male models.
  • She also feels weird about working with young girls as she doesn't want to make them feel that they have to be doing a lot at such a young age. 
  • Emily doesn't like the idea of transforming someone so much that they don't look like themselves anymore.

Working with Glo Skin Beauty


  • Emily admires Glo Skin Beauty products’ natural ingredients and how it seems like a skincare extension. Compared to others, it lasts longer and highlights facial features.    
  • Licensed estheticians are the only people who can represent and sell the products. Emily offers makeup lessons and retails the products at her shop in Northwest Portland. 
  • Tune in to the full episode to discover Emily's go-to products!

The Journey Toward Self-Love and Finding Love

  • Emily is a bisexual woman. Growing up in a conservative town in Corvallis, Oregon, she decided to date men even though she knew all her life that she was also attracted to women. 
  • Emily had always been in a relationship since she was 15 to 21 years old and went through abusive relationships.    
  • Eventually, she took a pause, focused on her healing, and worked toward loving herself. For Emily, it's vital to have a period when you're on your own.
  • Emily is now in a healthy relationship with a woman she met by hanging out in a softball community.
  • Although she is now in a healthy relationship, Emily still has to deal with her trauma from her previous relationships.

Balancing Work and Personal Life

  • Emily admits that she doesn’t do it all. She is still working on her delegation skills as she feels the need to control everything.
  • Planning out her day the night before helps her to be more productive. 
  • Her daily non-negotiables include having five minutes of silence every morning and saying her affirmations. 
  • It won’t always be like this. Emily reminds women who are suffering that their pain is not forever.
  • Learn more about how Emily handled her self-destructive habits by listening to the podcast.

5 Powerful Quotes

“At that time, I was living for other people. I just wanted to make my parents proud. I wanted to do the corporate thing because I thought that's what I was supposed to do.”

“I'm opposed to the idea of transforming someone so they don't look like themselves.”

“Everybody's journey is different. But I will be very honest in the fact that I have a little bit of a red flag in the back of my mind when anybody ever tells me that they've never been on their own. I'm like, ‘You need that. You gotta have that.’”

“In terms of getting it all done, I don't. And honestly, I'm very strong in saying that because I really hope that more people start talking about that because none of us get it all done.”

“The ways that I was talking to myself were absurd--- absurd is a very light way of putting it--- it was very destructive. And I think the biggest thing that I would have told myself back then was this isn't gonna be forever.”

About Emily

Emily Mercer is the founder of Emily Mercer Beauty, which specializes in simplifying daily beauty routines through cosmetic tattoos and easy to follow makeup looks.

If you want to know more about Emily's business, you may visit her website and Instagram page.

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