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The Heidi B Show

Jun 18, 2020

Using Self-Care & Gratitude to Create a Life You Love with Chantal Cox

Our experiences, even the negative ones, have helped us become who we are today. However, remaining in toxic situations, such as abusive relationships, can be traumatic and detrimental to our growth. We must find the courage to know when enough is enough and leave to move on to better things.

In this episode, we are joined by Chantal Cox. Chantal is an author, a podcaster, and a coach. She talks about her journey to becoming who she is today, from recovering from domestic violence to sharing her experiences through her book and podcasts.

Tune in to the episode to learn more about rebuilding your life after a traumatic experience and sharing your learnings through writing and podcasting.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Find out how Chantal got out and learned from her negative experiences.
  2. Learn about the journey of writing a book and starting a podcast.
  3. What is Chantal’s advice for aspiring writers? Find out toward the end of the episode.



  • Check out Chantal’s book Create a Life You Love: 10 Healthy Habits to Transform Your Life Now, available on Amazon.




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Episode Highlights

Chantal’s Background

  • Before becoming an author, podcaster, and coach, Chantal spent ten years in the classroom as a special education teacher.
  • Upon getting out of her abusive marriage, Chantal rebuilt herself.
  • People saw this transformation, and she began sharing with them what she learned, helping them create a life they love.

Experience with Domestic Violence

  • It started with them being verbally abusive with each other. But Chantal’s ex-husband got to a point where he physically hurt her.
  • Upon discussing having children, her ex-husband became cruel and manipulative, even suggesting that Chantal leave.
  • Chantal was not considering divorce at that time because of her Christian values. However, her ex-husband started to become more physically abusive.
  • Chantal left her ex-husband and discovered he brought someone new into their house, with an infant to boot.
  • Even though she is willing to work out their issues, he started to become more physically abusive, as if trying to get rid of her.

On Sharing Her Experiences

  • After her experience with domestic violence, Chantal started to explore the self-help world at 30 years old.
  • Chantal first learned about gratitude. Eventually, her colleagues started to ask about the things she was doing. This inspired her to share and teach.
  • Upon seeing Chandler Bolt’s webinar on self-publishing, Chantal was inspired to write her own book.

Chantal’s Approach to Writing

  • Chantal chose Chandler Bolt’s self-publishing program because she wanted to know the whole process, regardless of whether she publishes or not.
  • She prioritized her book by putting on hold her other hobbies and activities for 30 days.
  • Chantal looked through her old YouTube videos and daily habits and compiled them into 10 things.
  • From this outline, she just started filling it in with stories and lessons she wanted to share.
  • She prefers writing about her own experiences. However, she says being comfortable writing about that comes with time.

Engaging on Facebook

  • Chantal runs the Create a Life You Love Facebook group and coaching page, where she shares content and connects with people.
  • She does live interviews on Zoom with other guests, offering different perspectives in different areas.

Chantal’s Podcasting Journey

  • Chantal was at Pete Vargas’s REACH LIVE conference last May.
  • She learned that the next step after writing a book is to start a podcast and decided to just go with it.
  • She was able to connect with other people who have amazing stories and wanted to interview them and share the learnings with her readers.
  • The COVID-19 situation also gave her the time and opportunity to officially start her podcast.

Daily Non-negotiables

  • Every day in her journal, Chantal repeats all the things she does throughout the day.
  • She also writes three new things she is grateful for.
  • She does not repeat the things she had already previously written. For her, coming up with new things to be grateful for helps her tap deeply into the feeling of gratitude.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“Being honest and vulnerable about our own experiences can help someone else feel less alone, or less scared.”

“The truth around a lot of domestic violence is that it either ends in you leaving or ends in a body bag. And there's so much denial around it because it's really deeply ingrained with all of our kind of most core emotions of love and loyalty and relationship.”

“Done is better than perfect.”

“It's not about just getting a check in the box. It's about really tapping into that feeling of gratitude and shifting your mindset and starting your day like that.”

“Wherever you are on your journey, you are not stuck.”

About Chantal

Chantal Cox is a professional learning coordinator for a special education cooperative. Through various platforms, she teaches practical habits and routines to create a life you love.

You can check out her content on her Facebook coaching page and community group, YouTube channel, and Instagram. Alternatively, you can also visit her website.

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