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The Heidi B Show

Dec 23, 2021

Beauty Pro to CEO  
with Amanda Licano 
Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 
Be inspired by Amanda’s mindset shift around money and success that set her on her journey in entrepreneurship. 
Hear how Amanda’s passion for lifting up other women has opened doors to her own success. 
Discover Amanda’s effective strategy of consistent action and discipline on social media.   
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Episode Highlights 
More Money More Problems 
Amanda grew up with the mindset that more money meant more problems. At the time, she wanted a simple and joyous life. 
Amanda’s story around money and success shifted when she became a mother.   
She knew she was meant for more and wanted to create a big and bright future for her daughters. 
From Beauty School to Network Marketing 
Amanda went to beauty school right out of high school in order to earn money to pay for college on her own. 
As a hairstylist, she grew her business and marketing skills when network marketing fell in her lap. 
Working as a hairstylist was taking a toll on her health and she saw network marketing as a greater opportunity and a healthy choice.  
In network marketing, Amanda learned loads of skills and knowledge that continues to open doors for her as an entrepreneur. She learned how to create a community, nurture it, bring it value, and, of course, be consistent.   
Common Blocks for Beauty Pros  
Creating time and space outside of the work in the salon to build their business. 
Making time to build community on social media. 
Getting creative around monetizing their skills and knowledge. There are so many opportunities and brainstorming and prioritizing ideas are Amada’s passion. 
Tips for Beauty Industry Pros to Monetize 
Follow Amanda’s 4 Pillars:  Identify your brand.  Build your brand. Market and sell your brand.  Teach your brand.   
Build an email list. 
Create other streams of income: brand affiliate, earn commissions to promote or sell other products, create your own product, etc. 
Teach your skills to others. 
The Social Media Queen 
Amanda's social media presence and content is gorgeous and she admits that she feels like she’s just trying to keep up with everyone else.    
Her biggest tip is to get good at repurposing your content.   
“Don’t get overwhelmed--just post, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  The most important part is the value you’re offering.” 
Daily Method of Operation (DMO) 
Create a live, reel, and post each day. 
Create 5-10 stories. 
Respond or react to comments. 
Reach out to 10 new people a day. 
Reach out to 10 of my followers a day. 
Weekly email to her email list. 
Film a new YouTube video once a week, even though she posts bi-weekly, it’s good to have some ready to go. 
Early Struggles and Recent Victories 
Time management was a struggle early on.   
Amanda’s solution was making her business a priority by creating boundaries around dropping everything to help people that didn’t value her time or sacrifice. 
As a result, she is creating amazing content and products, and watching her business grow! 
About Amanda 
Amanda lives in Arizona with her two girls and husband.  She grew up loving doing makeup and hair and the feeling of confidence and glow it brought her and the women she served.  Amanda has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2009, which was the same year she met the man that would become her husband.  Amanda has been in the beauty industry for over 12 years and, while she loves doing hair, her current passion is makeup.  She shares that though she loves NARS, Tarte, and Selena Gomez’ new line called Rare Beauty, Mary Kay will always be her go-to in skincare.   
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