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The Heidi B Show

Jul 28, 2022

It’s official! Today we are chatting with verified land-mermaid, nature lover, connector of humans, and podcaster extraordinaire, Jennifer Dragonette! On a passionate mission to create a tsunami of self-love in the world, Jennifer is helping women rediscover their magic, tell their stories, and light up the whole,...

Jul 20, 2022

This week I'm talking about what it takes to choose the path of least resistance. 

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Jul 15, 2022

Buckle up, everyone! Today’s conversation is one for the books and you won’t want to miss it! Today we are chatting with life and business coach, Kristen King. Kristen is helping women to not only give fewer fucks, but reclaim their fucks to prioritize what really matters to them in life. Kristen, like so many of...

Jul 8, 2022

In a deeply important conversation, this week we are chatting with Suzi Freeman, a suicide prevention specialist, working primarily with police and military mom’s. Suzi helps moms to become knowledgable and aware of signs of depression and anxiety in their kids, that could lead to suicide ideation and occurence. I...

Jul 5, 2022

When everything is going to sh*t, how do I detach with love?  That's what I'm talking about today. 


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