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The Heidi B Show

Aug 26, 2021

Repair and Rebuild Your Credit 

with Tierra Bonds

Our credit score can have a massive impact on our finances as well as our peace of mind.  It's absurd that those of us with a low credit score often have to pay far more for things than people with good credit.  As Tierra Bonds mentions, “it’s an unfair system”. ...

Aug 19, 2021

Aligning with Abundance & Financial Freedom

with Eleena Katz

It seems like everyone is talking about financial freedom, literacy, security, and, the biggest buzzword of all ...ABUNDANCE!  We see these everywhere and, of course, we all want it!  Sign me up!  With all the buzz and demand comes a barrage of information and...

Aug 12, 2021

Masterful Marketing and Knowing When to Start with Stephanie Riel

There are always things that we think need to happen before our projects are 100% perfect or tied up in a perfect little bow. Especially, in the beginning, we can obsess over details or decisions that keep us from taking action and stepping into our...

Aug 5, 2021

Empowering Entrepreneurial Women with Amanda Koziel

Many women get stuck in life because of fear of failure and not being successful enough. But we must remind ourselves that we have the power within to achieve the life we want for ourselves. If we stop being afraid of making difficult decisions, we can learn from our...