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The Heidi B Show

Sep 24, 2020

Self-Care & Personal Development Postpartum with Ashley Lyon

Having a child is a life-changing event. However, not everyone talks about the struggles that mothers face after pregnancy. In the first weeks after giving birth, mothers need support and guidance to remain mentally healthy during the postpartum period.


Sep 17, 2020

How Comedy Changes Your Perspective with Alex Demeroutis

Who wouldn’t love a good laugh with all the negativity in the world today? Now that most of us are stuck at home, we have time to binge our favorite comedy shows. Laughter may not be the cure for COVID-19, but it sure relieves the stress of coping with a...

Sep 10, 2020

Connection & Consistency with Erica Castner

The work we put in every day and the relationships we build both play a significant role in how we find success. If you believe that your vision, mission, and purpose are bigger than you, you must find the courage to reach out to people and offer the help you can give. In...

Sep 3, 2020

Pivot with Purpose with Regina Lawrence

Often, what we think we want in life is not what would give us fulfillment. We tend to get inspiration from the people we look up to on which step to take next. However, at some point, we have to realize that each of us has a different path and story to tell. Knowing your true...